Indie Film Fest is a multi day, multi venue, inclusive festival in downtown Phoenix. Our community organized and funded film fest is going into our 7th year aiming to help grow the artist economy in Phoenix, AZ. Check out our 2024 Grand Jury Winners below. Collectively we raised over $35,000 in grants and cash royalties for our filmmakers featured at Indie Film Fest 2024.



The Indie Film Fest Community Grant Fund supports our Grande Jury Winners in 2024. All of the earnings from this community grant fund will benefit our winners directly to help fund their upcoming film projects. Our Grand Jury Winners are chosen by a select group of community members, past winners of the festival, as well as peer indie filmmakers. These films are chosen from the Official Selections at Indie Film Fest 2024.

The arts play a crucial role in fostering cultural enrichment, creativity, and societal well-being. However, the financial support for the arts often falls short of what is required to sustain a vibrant and dynamic cultural landscape. Adequate funding is essential to support artists, cultural institutions, and innovative projects that contribute to the intellectual and emotional growth of communities. Investing in the arts not only stimulates economic activity but also promotes education, social cohesion, and a sense of identity.


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Catch up with past selections, music videos, filmmakers discussions and workshops. Stay tuned for our new season of Indie Filmmakers Discussions. We have created new playlists that feature music videos and short films from our featured creatives. Did you miss some of the filmmakers on the Pink Carpet? Don't worry , we got you covered with our "Live From the Pink Carpet" playlist featuring conversations with award winning directors Malakai, Pedro Perez Nunez, and even Astronaut and Producer Dr. Sian Proctor. Click the image and start watching our curated channel.