February 10,11,12 of 2022 in downtown Phoenix,  INDIE FILM FEST becomes the ultimate gathering of creative storytellers and audiences eager for new voices and fresh perspectives. Our visual extravaganza includes dramatic and documentary features, short films, music videos, and multimedia installations by artists from all over the world.  2022 begins with a new way of sharing films at INDIE FILM FEST.


Click the image above to purchase your "Early Bird" tickets to our Saturday Night Finale and Award Ceremony at The Irish Cultural Center & McClelland Library in downtown Phoenix on February 12th.


OPENING NIGHT  7-10PM  Location : The Garden PHX Screening Room 1509 W. Thomas Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85015 Tickets $10 - $50
Tickets go on sale on December 1st. There are limited seats to this event. Food and Beverages will be included in the ticket price. This is our brand new film production studio in the heart of downtown Phoenix right across the street from Phoenix College. This one of kind screening experience will include a soundtrack listening room, our pink carpet podcast corner, and an intimate screening room showcasing our selections throughout the evening. *Masks or face coverings will be required.

FRIDAY NIGHT  5-8PM  Location : TBA

SATURDAY NIGHT FINALE & AWARD CEREMONY  7-10PM  Location: The Irish Cultural Center and McClelland Library 11106 N Central Ave Phoenix, AZ 85004
Tickets are on sale now. Tickets are $20 (Early Bird Pricing )
Indie Film Fest is thrilled to announce a new location has been added to our 2022 festival, we are excited to be collaborating with the Irish Cultural Center and McClelland Library to host our Saturday Night Finale and Awards Ceremony in the majestic courtyard in front of the castle tower, right in the heart of downtown Phoenix February 12th, 2022.  Stay tuned for more announcements for #Indiefilmfest2022
Learn more about this beautiful location at https://www.azirish.org.




Voices Of the Grand Canyon Synopsis: The more you learn, the deeper the Grand Canyon gets. Hear firsthand stories from people who know the canyon best. Before the Grand Canyon was a national park, it was the ancestral homeland of Native peoples. Hear the voices of Grand Canyon speak.

Deidra Peaches (Diné) is a Director, Producer, Indie filmmaker, Editor and Writer.  In 2009 her documentary Shimasani debut at the Imaginative Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. In 2011, Peaches Produced and Co-Edited The Rocket Boy (2011), an official selection at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, which led Peaches and Jake Hoyungowa (cinematographer) to co-found the Independent media company Paper Rocket Productions.In 2013 Paper Rocket Productions released, Tó éí iiná át'é (2013) which premiered in Paris, France for the Festival Ciné Alter'Natif 2012. In 2014 Peaches made a series of short documentaries for Project 562 including “Journey to Alaska (2014).” Her feature documentary, Protect is due for a 2021 release.




Pedro Perez Nuñez is a original storyteller, director, writer and overall filmmaker. Growing up in Sonora, Mexico, Pedro never dreamed of making it to the U.S. “A lot of filmmakers started playing with cameras when they were little; when I was a kid, I didn’t have a camera, so I had to get really creative." Pedro moved to U.S at the age of 11 years old. To Pedro, every compelling film is subject to its storyline. “Film is not about the special effects and explosions, it’s about the raw emotions; I want to tell stories that move people and make them wonder for weeks.” With 10 years of professional experience, Pedro has directed sets ranging from commercials, music videos to personal profiles to short films. Currently, Pedro is working in pre-production of "Tuba” a short film comedy he wrote and is looking to direct. “My characters won’t always be the hero but they are real, relatable and dynamic.”

Pedro currently works as freelancer in commercial and film production in Phoenix, Az. He has worked in many position in film production from beginning as a production assistant to art department, grip/ electric, camera department to directing his own productions.


Being raised on movies and television, Jacob Nguyen always had a connection to storytelling. Born and raised in Arizona, they attended the Digital Cinema Arts program at Glendale Community College, where they directed, wrote, and acted in their capstone film, Sugar. For their writing of this project, Jacob won several awards, including first place for Artists of Promise. They were also nominated for a National Student Production Award for writing. Through acting and writing, Jacob hopes to direct their passion into better exposure of transgender representation in media.  




Claudia Restrepo is a Los Angeles-based writer and director. She has written for shows on BuzzFeed, Quibi, and DIscovery+. Claudia is a former writer and director for the Latinx digital platform, Pero Like, and is especially passionate about stories that acknowledge the erasure of marginalized voices and feature LGBT+ and BIPOC throughout history.



Godwin Josiah is the lead script writer at The Critics Company, his work is evident in the numerous award winning short films from Z: The beginning to chase and football no be war. He writes content for virtual mediums, and screenplays for films juggling this with his passion for music.


His commitment for positive social change has taken him and his team to all corners of the globe to tell global stories to inspire local change and local stories to inspire global change. His company Hemmings House is a certified B-Corporation that employs change-makers who feverishly produce filmed content that makes a difference. Hemmings House has been producing film content for the brand marketing and global broadcast industries for almost a decade. They have also created a process that engages social community and brand stakeholders in the film story experience helping to accelerate social movements that matter to them. Greg has won multiple awards internationally and regionally including the prestigious Royal Common Wealth Society’s Vision Film Award in London England.


Anna has worked in film and television for almost a decade, in both NYC and Auckland. Having directed a myriad of music videos, she’s won Show Me Shorts’ Best Music Video multiple times, and been nominated for both NZ and UK Music Video Awards. Previously a producer at Candlelit Pictures, Anna writes and directs short films including MUM JEANS which screened at the 2018 NZIFF and her most recent work, PAIN which screened as part of 2020 NZIFF’s NZ’s Best Programme and at over 30 festivals including Aspen and Busan. Anna was selected to take part in the DEGNZ Women Filmmakers Incubator and the NZAPG Commercial Directing Mentorship.


Jannat Sohail, also known under the moniker of Wooly and the Uke, is an audiovisual artist and writer from South Asia, currently based in Berlin, Germany. Born in Lahore, Pakistan, Jannat's socio-political backdrop has profusely influenced her artistic expression, with an ever-growing appetite for creative freedom. Her performative visual narratives are (sub)consciously laced within distant imaginaries around human fragility. Jannat finds herself utilizing words, ears, and lens to frame the societal setting and the larger dialogue within. Jannat Sohail rose to prominence with the nationally celebrated all-female ensemble of Pakistan, which aired in the television series Nescafe Basement, Season 4 (2016). Sohail has been awarded the Goethe Talents Scholarship in Berlin, Germany (2020).

We will be announcing more selections throughout the next two months. Please check back for more amazing films that will be screening at Indie Film Fest 2022.

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